The goal of PAG-NEO is to bring awareness to those affected by Parkinson’s disease of the new deep brain stimulation program (DBS) treatment options offered at University Hospitals. This treatment has been very successful in reducing and eliminating the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease.  Ken Hogue and PAG-NEO President, Bob Reolfi, have undergone DBS treatment in the past year and their quality of life has improved ten-fold.

We are committed to helping others in the Parkinson’s community by increasing awareness about the impact of this disease and providing education about the current treatment options available by health care providers. 100% of the proceeds raised by PAG-NEO will contribute to Parkinson’s disease treatment and research at University Hospitals.


2017 Board Members

Robert “Bob” Reolfi, Jr., President

Robert Reolfi, Sr., Vice-President

Joyce Rodek, CPA, Treasurer

Kathy Karcher, Secretary

Christina Furney, Community Chairman

Jenny Reolfi, Communication & Marketing Chairman