Thank you for Making our First Reverse Raffle a Success

Most people with Parkinson’s disease don’t know their treatment options when it comes fighting the disease and improving their quality of life. We believe it is important to know how to find the right doctors for you and what treatment options are available. Join us for a fun an educational evening as we raise funds for Parkinson's research and educational opportunities for the medical community.

All proceeds from this event have been donated to University Hospitals to further Parkinson's research.

Guest Speaker - Benjamin Walter MD

Director Movement Disorders Center,
Medical Director Deep Brain Stimulation Program

Click Here to Watch a Video of Dr. Walter's Speech

Dr. Benjamin Walter is the Director of the Movement Disorders Center and Medical Director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program at University Hospitals in Cleveland and is the Penni and Stephen Weinberg Chair in Brain Health. He is well respected by his colleagues and is internationally renowned for his research in Movement Disorders. Dr. Walter is specialized in intraoperative physiological mapping for deep brain stimulation as well as evaluation and treatment of patients undergoing DBS.

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